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Luumäen sähkö

Versatile electrical services from Luumäki

Luumäen Sähkö, originally called Sähköasennus Sakari Huhtiniemi Oy, has been providing diverse electrical installation services in South Karelia since 1992. Luumäen Sähkö offers services to the private, corporate and public sectors. The Luumäki based company offers customer-oriented service, in professional and flexible manner for projects of all sizes.

Luumäen sähkö

Our services

Electrical fault repairment

We take care of electrical fault repairs promptly and professionally. Our service car has the necessary accessories for the most common electrical faults, so repairs are carried out on a prompt schedule if necessary.

Electrical services for new construction projects

Are you building? Get in touch in time to plan collaborative solutions for buildings. Let’s see together what kind of lighting is best for the location. Ask us for a quote for electrical installations.

The commissioning inspection and inspection report are always delivered after installation.

Electrical services for renovation projects

Are you repairing? Whether it’s a sauna or kitchen renovation or even a small surface renovation, ask us for an electrical installation offer. It is advisable to check the electrical installations for updates during the renovation. Lighting in the yard is also an important part of living comfort.

Electrical services for agriculture

We are installing electricity in new agricultural buildings and renovating installations in old existing agricultural buildings. We are installing backup power systems, the importance of which has been emphasized today. Modern grain dryers and milking parlors are professionally operated by an experienced installer.